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We connect everything with ZERO waste

BIOTECH WORKS is a global collaborative project that works with the world’s leading retailers and manufacturers to co-create and deliver zero-waste innovations and scalable solutions to meet consumer demand in smarter and more sustainable ways.
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Our project is explained in an easy-to-understand animation. ZERO-TEX® material, first and second generation, was developed with time, money, and care in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The next stage of our mission is to upcycle clothing waste that would otherwise be thrown away into needed resources.

Free of charge

Customers who use ZERO-TEXⓇ for their products can use BIOTECHWORKS for free.

Participation in the SDGs

Through BIOTECH WORKS, we can achieve a movement toward the SDGs that cannot be accomplished by a single company.

Enhance corporate image

Companies that agree to use ZERO-TEXⓇ and BIOTECH WORKS will be listed on the official BIOTECH WORKS websites as environmentally conscious companies.

Cost Cutting

Clothing waste, which used to be disposed of as industrial waste, can be used as a raw material for hydrogenation, eliminating disposal costs and reducing costs.

Business development across industry boundaries

Through BIOTECH WORKS, you can participate in the circular economy across industry boundaries. We can expect a new business style that leverages each other's strengths.

Attract new customers

New age fabrics with IT techniques added to the fabrics can be used to propose your own original business proposals for lifestyles that are compatible with the impending hydrogen society.


Providing a platform to connect all stakeholders involved in the recovery and hydrogenation of products made from used ZERO-TEX® materials

Purchasers of products made of ZERO-TEX® material can track the lifespan of the products on the BIOTECH WORKS app using RFID/QR codes. In addition, by collaborating with other stakeholders as members of this upcycling project on the BIOTECH WORKS platform, they will be able to contribute to society. We are also exploring reward systems for users from government agencies, local governments, etc.

The BIOTECH WORKS project has been endorsed by various companies.
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