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“No nation can meet the challenges of today alone.”

a candid statement made by President Biden, the leader of the United States, on the international stage at the United Nations.

Climate change is a reality.

CO2 targets are a reality.

It’s a problem that won’t be solved without cooperation between nations, organizations, and individuals. And the time left is very limited.

We aim to connect environmental issues with economic activities and work together to achieve the SDGs.

At BIOTECHWORKS-H2Ⓡ, we utilize discarded apparel to achieve zero waste and zero emissions.

Aki Nishikawa


Akihide Nishikawa, CEO & Founder of BIOTECHWORKS-H2®, was born in 1977 in Osaka, Japan. His professional journey commenced with employment at a wholesale company in Osaka before he ventured to establish Yamagin in the year 2000, which was further incorporated as a limited liability company in 2005. Since then, Mr. Nishikawa has consistently been dedicated to textile development. Well before the adoption of the SDGs at the United Nations General Assembly, he began engaging in sustainable activities in 2012. In 2021, he successfully developed and introduced environmentally friendly materials for washable medical gowns and materials aimed at zero waste, ZERO-TEX®️. He maintains offices in Tokyo and Osaka domestically and has established international bases in Shanghai and Silicon Valley. In July of this year, he founded Biotech Works-H2® as a subsidiary of Yamagin.


CEO & Founder

Akihide Nishikawa

President and Representative Director of Yamagin Co., Ltd.

President and CEO of ZERO-TEX Co., Ltd.

President and Representative Director of BIOTECHWORKS-H2 Co., Ltd.


CEO of Aki-Nishikawa-Consulting LLC

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