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Service Overview of the BIOTECHWORKS-H2®

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Our Services

Four Services That Make It Possible

1. Visualization of CO2 Emission Reduction and Provision of Evidence

The BIOTECHWORKS-H2® project offers a breakthrough in achieving a circular economy without requiring any extra effort or sacrifices from individuals. By simply separating waste materials, you can support the realization of a novel circular economy while continuing your daily life as usual. We promise to continually provide cutting-edge sustainability and innovation to our supporters and stakeholders. Our shared commitment is to address environmental issues and find solutions for the sake of the future of our planet and the well-being of our children.

*Expected to commence on January 1, 2025 (BIOTECHWORKS-H2® Inc.)

2. Visualizing CO2 Emission Reduction during Product Collection Prior to Sales

By communicating the environmental impact to consumers before the production of goods, you can enhance your company’s image and boost the effectiveness of waste collection. This approach is not limited to B2C but also serves as strong support for proposals in the B2B sector, contributing to the carbon neutrality of the companies you approach.

*Expected to commence on April 1, 2024 (BIOTECHWORKS-H2® Inc.)

3. Plant Construction Consulting and Royalty Agreement

BIOTECHWORKS-H2 Inc. has partnered with a plant company in the United States, enabling advanced plant construction and facility consulting. It’s also possible to operate carbon-neutral facilities by using waste materials collected in-house for hydrogen production and power generation.

*Expected to commence on January 1, 2025 (BIOTECHWORKS-H2 Inc. US)

4. SDGs Consulting

SDGs can be a complex and challenging concept to grasp. However, BIOTECHWORKS-H2® is here to dispel the complexity. We aim to turn “achieving SDGs with ease” from a dream into reality. Let us assist you in making it happen.

*Expected to commence on September 1, 2023 (BIOTECHWORKS-H2 Inc. US)