BIOTECHWORKS-H2® has been chosen as one of the 22 companies for the Global Hypergrowth Program 2024 by Startup Genome.

“Waste to Hydrogen” – BIOTECHWORKS-H2’s Innovative Technology Takes Flight Globally

From Tokyo to the world, BIOTECHWORKS-H2 Inc., an affiliate of Yamagin Inc., Liability Company, has been selected for the groundbreaking Global Startup Support Program “Global Hypergrowth Tokyo 2024”. This selection underscores the global recognition of the innovative and futuristic “Zero Waste Project” aimed at converting waste into hydrogen energy, spearheaded by CEO Aki Nishikawa of BIOTECHWORKS-H2.

The program, orchestrated by Startup Genome Japan Inc. (located in Minato-ku, Tokyo, led by Hiro Nishiguchi), is an initiative by Startup Genome, a world-class startup ecosystem nurturing institution. Amidst growing domestic and international interest, BIOTECHWORKS-H2 plans to expand its operations beyond Japan and Malaysia, aiming for a global presence.

Please look forward to the eco-friendly and socially conscious efforts of BIOTECHWORKS-H2 in their mission “From Waste to Hydrogen”, as they continue to strive for a sustainable future.